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Partner Spotlight

Like-Minded Missions Solidify Years-Long Partnership

Core values in perfect alignment. That’s how Lisa Drace Hintz, a marketer with Capital Credit Union, describes the symbiotic relationship between her credit union and TMG Financial Services (TMGFS). Partners since 2008, Capital and TMGFS have built their relationship on a foundation of genuine caring for the consumers served by the $1.186 billion credit union.

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A New Way to Imagine Your Credit Card Program

Minimize Rate Risk

Your card portfolio may be providing a nice revenue stream and bolstering your loan to share ratio. But how is your portfolio positioned for the future when rates begin to rise?

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More Choices for Members

Most credit card agent programs only offer products and services for a specific segment of membership. TMGFS proudly offers a wide range of credit card products that engage more of your target market.

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Competitive and Compliant

The CARD Act has presented its share of challenges, however consumers still value a great credit card product. How do you work within CARD Act and create positive consumer experiences?

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Advisors Are Here

Maximize your credit card portfolio’s performance by calling on the TMGFS credit card experts. Whether struggling or simply looking to add value, we will work with you to optimize, align and refine your program, allowing you to achieve your portfolio goals.

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Why Amazon Prime Day Works & How Your Credit Union Can Capitalize

Amazon has outdone itself once again. (And that's a pretty sizable accomplishment for a company that captured 53 cents of every dollar U.S. consumers spent online in 2016.) This year's Prime Day was the best one yet. ...

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Sage Advice from Credit Card Adventurers

Anyone who has navigated the winding path of a credit card conversion can tell you surprises are to be expected. That's why having the right mindset at the beginning of the journey is so important. If you're ready for that inevitable surprise around the next bend, the chances of it knocking you off course are far fewer. ...

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