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Like-Minded Missions Solidify Years-Long Partnership

posted on Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Core values in perfect alignment. That’s how Lisa Drace Hintz, a marketer with Capital Credit Union, describes the symbiotic relationship between her credit union and TMG Financial Services (TMGFS). Partners since 2008, Capital and TMGFS have built their relationship on a foundation of genuine caring for the consumers served by the $1.186 billion credit union.

“We live by the mantra ‘Doing the Right Thing’ in everything we do, and that extends to our strategic partnerships,” said Hintz. “Collaborating with TMGFS to provide our members with credit card programs that go beyond expectations has been incredibly beneficial for us and our members.”

Among those go-beyond program features Capital has leveraged is TMGFS’ Spend2Give program, which allows credit unions and their members to earn cash-back rewards that benefit both cardmembers and a charity or cause important to their community. For every dollar spent on their ATIRAcredit Mastercard credit cards, cardmembers earn double points for themselves. TMGFS matches those points, donating two additional points to the charity up to $5,000. At Capital, cardmembers earned double points while also benefiting two area homeless shelters with donations based on card usage.

“The program took the classic win-win scenario up a notch,” said Hintz said. “The response was favorable from both a member and an employee perspective, and we were able to maximize our donations. With the community, the members and the credit union benefitting, our win-win became a win-win-win.”

She continued, “Today’s consumers are especially cognizant of the character of the companies they do business with. They feel it’s very important to align with good corporate citizens in their communities. Capital believes in the inherent worth of every person and spends a good deal of time and money training employees about working with each member individually to better their financial situation. Treating members of our credit union, as well as members of our community, with dignity and respect is core to our mission.”

TMGFS executes on that mission each time it connects with a Capital cardmember, whether that’s to assist with a fraud claim, set a travel alert or help a cardmember enroll his card in Apple Pay. Cardmembers have responded well, enthusiastically participating in advanced features available to them as ATIRAcredit Mastercard holders. For instance, cardmembers recently generated a 21-percent year-over-year increase in fraud text alert sign-ups.

Capital is actively involved in the growth of its portfolio, participating in quarterly strategic planning calls with TMGFS and taking part in nearly every marketing campaign the agent-issuer offers. The credit union consistently improves its success metrics with each new campaign. In one recent direct mail promotion, for instance, the credit union earned nearly 25 percent more applications than it did during the prior season’s campaign. The result has been ongoing growth of both accounts and balances.

The Green Bay, Wisc. credit union has executed several additional strategies recommended by its TMGFS relationship manager, including a relaunch of an early month-on-books program and the addition of digital communication channels to most of its marketing campaigns. Future enhancements include a year-round employee campaign focused on increasing engagement with cardmembers, more digital marketing campaigns inside social networks like Facebook, as well as the launch of several innovative cardmember perks like cell phone protection.

“That top of wallet positioning is so important, especially as credit cards become a part of the digital revolution,” said Hintz. “We appreciate having a partner that continuously watches the horizon, analyzes the data and keeps us updated on what the banking consumer expects. Combine that with a genuine caring for the community, and you can understand why Capital and TMGFS continue to achieve great things together.”