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Products designed with your members in mind.

If you partner with TMGFS for an agent credit card program, you’ll have access to a variety of competitive credit card products available through our ATIRAcredit™ brand.  We are an issuer of Mastercard® products.

Platinum CardCreate Platinum Memories

Our flagship product is a Platinum Rewards Mastercard, available to your members for no annual fee. This product offers the prestige of platinum, along with the rewards every bargain shopper is looking for. With over 6 million reward redemption options, this is a low rate, low fee product your members will love!

Serenity CardPeace of Mind with Serenity

The Serenity Mastercard from ATIRAcredit is a non-rewards option for those members seeking a slightly lower rate.  This card is also available with no annual fee and no balance transfer fees.  Security features on the Serenity Card include EMV and fraud text alerts.

Secured CardSecure your Future

Not every member will be able to qualify for an unsecured credit card, which is why we launched the ATIRAcredit Secured Mastercard. This is a product secured by a deposit account, that helps a member establish a history of on-time payments and eventually qualify them for an unsecured ATIRAcredit product.

Business CardGet Down to Business

Small businesses will enjoy a card just for them.  With a low annual fee and low rates, the ATIRAcredit Business Mastercard is the perfect addition to any card portfolio. Oh, and did we mention this product earns rewards?! Business owners will enjoy getting down to business with this great product from ATIRAcredit.