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Our Process

Advisory Services from TMG Financial Services provides insights and guidance that can help increase your credit card program's value. By providing you an unbiased view, our guidance and recommendations can result in strengthening member relationships and bringing extra revenue to the credit union through your credit card program.

Let's get started.

Do you know where you stand in the marketplace?

Comparing your credit card portfolio to others in the national and regional marketplace will give you a good understanding of opportunities for growth that may exist. For a limited time, TMGFS is offering free consultations to assist you in understanding how your credit card program stacks up against the rest.

We will help you understand your target penetration, loss, delinquency, average balance and utilization metrics, based on simarily sized credit unions and portfolios across the country. 

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processA process that works.

Our goal is to help your credit union grow.

We can assist you in doing this by:

  1. Applying our years of experience and knowledge to your situation.
  2. Delivering repeatable success powered by data analytics and portfoio management.
  3. Bringing tools, staffing and relationships to flawlessly execute initiatives with and for you.

Our process is thorough and focused on you.

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Time for a new game plan.

If you're ready to change the way of your credit card portfolio, contact us for more information right away! Here are just a few ways we can assist in changing your view.

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Eye-Opening Portfolio Reviews

Our experts dig deep into the performance data of your portfolio to offer new ideas.   We can even help execute those ideas if resources dictate.


Superior Marketing Know-How

Experienced strategists turn up member excitement for your credit card. Sophisticated, data-driven campaigns target just the right cardmembers.


Revolutionary Decision Making

Evolve your underwriting strategy with guidance from our tenured analysts. Multi-dimensional, proprietary scorecards get more consumers access to great credit cards.


Member-Centric Collections

Prioritize relationships while maintaining a profitable program. Our debt collections experts inject compassion into effective, compliant collections strategy.

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